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Inspection Benefits

The Benefits of Home Inspection
Originally published by New York City Blog

by Joseph Allaham

Generally, it is very easy to get caught up in the exultation of purchasing a brand new house and forget to make a thorough home inspection while under contract. One must remember that home inspection is necessary before you make a Real Estate Investment.

A home inspection is considered to be instrumental in the home buying process as it abets in saving of money and time in the long pace. You must, however, remember that a home inspection and home appraisal are certainly not the same things. Appraisals do not endow you with a coherent representation of the property at hand thereby enabling you to unravel the potential pitfalls and issues.

This is a kind of test which takes a complete look at distinct things which involve the foundation of the home, plumbing, electrical work, roofing et cetera which impacts the value of the property. Having the inspection of your home performed by an expert is advantageous to both the parties may it be the buyers or sellers as it offers various benefits.

Advantages to the Buyers who make the real estate investments

Although by generally eyeballing the premises, the buyer can gain an overall idea regarding what the house offers, it is impossible to understand the more profound details. There might be a termite infestation or roof damage which might not be visible at the first glance but could cost the home buyer thousands and thousands of dollars at the time of repair later on. A home inspection ensures that the home doesn’t involve unwanted surprises.

A home inspection allows the homebuyer to make an informed decision, equipped with transparency. Buying a home is said to be a colossal financial investment and is not something which must be taken lightly. A home inspection enables the buyer to eliminate various “what ifs” combined with protection and peace of mind when going ahead with a sale.

A homebuyer also garners considerable advantage at the time of making negotiations as often times they can talk with the seller and drop the price of the property when several repairs are involved for an extra cost. Stating this reason enables one to obtain the home at a fairer price.

Benefits to the sellers who sell their New York real estate to the buyers

Getting an inspection done before time assists the sellers to sell out their property with minimal drawbacks. In case, an inspector discovers a considerable issue, then the seller has two options available — either to get it repaired or disclose the problem to the homebuyer. Otherwise, it can create delays and might take quite a lot of time to finalize the deal.

When a seller is fully equipped with knowledge regarding the actual condition of the home, it adds to their advantage at the time of negotiation. Rather than claiming directly and going with the buyer’s words, the seller can efficiently provide the buyer with a full proof tangible report called an inspection report. This must elevate the confidence level of the sellers and thoroughly empower them at the time of negotiation.

Finally, in accordance with the legal point of view, a home inspection is essential. After a thorough examination, a complete disclosure is brought forward which protects the seller from legal action or threat in the future. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the property condition, they will not be able to put forward or file a lawsuit as there was complete disclosure from the seller’s end. This particularly means that the seller can be rest assured until the last transaction has been made.

Listed below are five distinct reasons which state that a home inspection is essential before purchasing a house

Do not judge a particular home by its facade

Those who opt for purchasing a newly constructed home might find the overall agenda of home inspection a complete waste of effort and time. Not being too dependent on the age of the house, there involve various costly issues unbeknownst to the average New York Real Estate Buyer. Issues like plumbing, wiring or structural problems might not be visible at the time when you glance through the property. It is important to take an expert’s viewpoint before purchasing and save yourself a great deal of money. Even at the time when you get to the home interior, you can perform your own potential inspection. You can just simply walk around the exterior part of the home and circle for the potential issues listed above.

Save money

The cost involved in home inspection varies to a large extent. However, a good thumb rule would be to pay an amount ranging from between 300 dollars and 500 dollars depending on the age and size of the house. This calls for a good amount, perhaps you must think about it in a different way: like those who skip out on the expense incurred for a home inspection would realize in a span of few years that a home inspection is considerably cheaper than revamping the entire home.


One of the benefits of getting a home inspection done before the actual purchase is the amount of strength that it might endow you with regarding negotiation. If the house in which you are interested is way too expensive and stretches your estimated budget, then information summarized during the home inspection might endow you with the power to bargain to take the price down. You might as well insert terms in the contract of purchase which would enable you to back out from the agreement in case the home inspection turns up to be problematic.

Repairs made by the seller

In case of finding a fault in the house at the time of home inspection, you are not only able to negotiate to bring the price down, there are many buyers who involve clauses in the contract which makes the repairs compulsory at the sellers end. If the home seller is not willing to finish the repairs, you must estimate the total cost and enable them to take the stated amount off the sum total. Moreover, solid facts regarding the condition and quality of the house can render you with worthy bargaining power.

You must remember that the repairs made by the seller aren’t eligible to be involved in the concessions made by the seller.

You must have a knowledge regarding what you are purchasing

The essential ground, in the end, is to undertake a home inspection before making an ultimate purchase. You must research the potential house like any other major purchase. The more knowledge you imbibe, the lesser surprises you would encounter down the lane. The inspectors at home can assist you to take a decision on the basis of the present budget clubbed together with appreciation potential in the future.

Where real estate transactions are concerned, there are plenty of question marks which arise for both the seller and buyer. This is the reason why the pre-sale inspection of a home has become popular. In accordance with New York General Accounting workroom, more than about eighty-five percent of the home buyers who applied for mortgage requested for a home inspection.

Joseph Allaham, is the founder and director of Allaham Consultancy — a diversified real estate consultancy firm in the United States of America.

Date : 3/15/2018

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